Permanent Staffing

As the first step in achieving client satisfaction, we start engaging with the client in understanding their staffing requirement so that we can provide them with profiles matching exactly to their requirement. This steps helps us in ensuring that we maintain focus and help the client achieve satisfaction on time, and every time.

Our sourcing specialists use various channels including passive job seekers and we use social media extensively as an integral part of this activity. Our technology and domain specialists then map these profiles to the requirement, keeping in mind the array of skills and competencies a candidate is expected to possess. They also assess candidates how they would fit in to the client organization in terms of cultural fit, and their ability to fit, assimilate and adapt. We understand that the period between a job offer and the actual coming on-board is critical and we strive towards making this interesting, warm and make sure that the on-boarding happens on time. We consider the seamless induction of the induction in to the client organization though not directly under our control, as an additional requirement and part of our commitment to our client, and constantly work with the candidate and client team to make it a success.